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Individual & Group Insurance Products

Medicine Kit

 Medicare (65+),  (Obamacare) Under 65 Health Insurance, Short Term Medical & Christian Healthshares

We offer ALL the Health Insurance options (Medicare 65+ & Obamacare, Under 65 ) through the government & NOT through the government. We also offer ALL the other alternative options in the market as well.

Collision Coverage

Auto & Home Insurance

We have 40+ Auto & Home insurance companies to make sure we can always point you in the right direction!  We are always bringing on new carriers to always have the most cutting edge carriers for our clients!


Group & Individual Accident, Disability & Sickness Insurance 

Self Employed and worried about not being able to work? Hate paying that big deductible for small accidents?

We totally understand and have the best Accident & Disability Plans in the market! You will be amazed on the price, quality and what they could do for you or your company or family! We offer ALL the best group and individual plans.

Business, Commercial  & Workers Comp

Lake Point Insurance has over 100+ Business, Commercial and Workers Comp carriers!

We can offer all the group coverages that are the most affordable to the business and your employee's.

It would be well worth your time to shop with us!

Family Fun in Field

Life & Pre-Need (Funeral Plan)  Insurance

Lake Point Insurance has well over 100+ Life Carriers and all the different options you may have heard about from your friends or family.  From Basic Term Insurance to Pre-Need life insurance ( Funeral Planning). We have several partners in the Super Senior space!

Brushing Teeth

Dental & Vision Insurance

We have ALL the options out there when it comes to dental & vision insurance. A phone call today will keep that cavity away!

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