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Referral Gift Cards!

We here at Lake Point Insurance Agency appreciate and value your referrals! That's why we offer $25 Amazon gift cards for good referrals. Anyone can send a referral; just make sure the person you refer mentions your name so we can send you the gift card. We provide gift cards for all types of referrals, such as home and auto, health, life, dental, vision, etc.

Insurance Consultation

What referrals qualify?

For referrals to qualify, they need to reach a certain stage in the insurance shopping process. The person you refer will need to get to the point where we send them quotes, though they don't have to choose our quotes. Regardless of whether or not we can beat the price, we consider reaching the quoting stage as a 'good' referral.

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Referral Text Template

Here is a basic text template to send to the person you want to refer. You can also provide us with their information; just be sure to inform them that you're making the referral, so they're aware that we'll be calling

"Hi [Person's Name]!

I hope you're doing well! I wanted to recommend Lake Point Insurance Agency for your insurance needs. They've been fantastic, and I've had a great experience with them. You can reach them at or give them a call at (801) 699-7099. Just let them know I referred you, and they'll take good care of you."

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